At Sanity Thai Massage Los Gatos we are proud to carry on the tradition of massage, specifically traditional Thai massage, as a healing methodology and therapeutic treatment of the whole body. In doing so we carry on a tradition started over 2,500 years ago that maintains its relevancy because of the soothing and restorative powers it has. We truly hope that we can play a small role in the next centuries of the tradition by introducing our clients to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of traditional Thai massage.

Chiwaka Komaraphat

The widely accepted story ( is that Thai Massage, and Thai traditional medicine in general, was founded by Chiwaka Komaraphat (or sometimes Shivago Komarpaj) from his position as physician to the Buddha. It is said that he was originally from India and there are definitely Ayurvedic principles incorporated into Thai massage. He was also extremely knowledgeable in regards to herbal medicine and aromatics (but not oils) are a frequent feature of Thai massage. Chiwaka laid the foundation for a melding of styles and influences from India, China, other areas of Southeast Asia and throughout the kingdom of Siam ( Today there are differences throughout Thailand in the specific approach taken and as Thai massage is increasingly global, more differences in detail are surely emerging but the principles remain intact.

Sen lines

The most important underlying principle in Thai massage is Sen lines ( These are pathways through the body for energy and they can become knotted, kinked and blocked by the stressors in life (true for any century!). Akin to the nadis lines central to yoga, the relief of blockages and the return to full function of these energy pathways is what explains the restorative benefits of Thai massage. The renewed flow of energy conveys a range of physical and mental benefits to the person being massaged, from basic relaxation through pain relief and increased mobility/range of motion to a mood boost and invigoration.

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